Summer Reading Recommendations

Summer reading season is truly here! This year, for adults and teens, every book you read this summer earns you a ticket to spend in our Popup Bookshop, filled with books, movies, accessories, and other fun things. If you're a Norridge or Harwood Heights resident, you'll also earn an entry in one of our "Gold Medal" prize raffles.

Bittersweet by Susan Cain

It’s no secret that the western world is uncomfortable with death, sadness, and anything related to the macabre.

Four Treasures of the Sky by Jenny Tinghui Zhang

Lin Daiyu, shares her name with a girl in a Chinese folktale who died of a broken heart. Daiyu, believing the Daiyu in the story to be weak, hates her name, and promises herself that she will never be like that girl from the tale.

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

The Grace Year, by Kim Liggett is an eerie look into a fictional cult-like society where young women are thought to gain a wicked magic when they reach womanhood.

Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku

"Our common sense evolved in a highly unusual, obscure part of the universe, Earth; it is not surprising that our common sense fails to grasp the true universe. The problem lies not in relativity but assuming that our common sense represents reality.” -Michio Kaku

Earthlings by Sayaka Murata

Earthings, a novel by Sayaka Murata is the second title translated from Japanese to English by the author. Convenience Store Woman, (the other title) has the similar tone and ease of readability as Earthlings, however, Earthlings explores far darker corners of what it means to be a member of civilized society here on planet earth.

Yolk by Mary H.K. Choi

20-year-old Jayne’s NYC life as an aspiring fashion designer is anything but glamorous. She lives in a tiny, rent controlled apartment with a freeloading former fling, who she is rapidly growing to despise.

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Princess Shiori is the youngest child in the royal family of Kiata. Aside from an unwanted arranged betrothal, and having to hide innate magic abilities that are forbidden in Kiata, Shiori lives a relatively charmed life of luxury.

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Klara was designed with one wish. She wishes to have a best friend with whom to share her companionship and loyalty. Klara’s story begins in a specialty toy shop, somewhere in near future America, where she has been on display as one of the newest models of AF (Artificial Friend).

Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor

Fatima has always known that the seed found her, rather than the other way around. When a powerful politician catches wind of Fatima’s special seed, he offers a great deal of money to her family for it. Fatima’s parents sell her seed, unaware of the unspeakable consequences to come.

A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson

“If you can still hear me wherever you are, my love, my tormentor, hear this: It was never my intention to murder you. Not in the beginning, anyway.”

The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

Evelyn Caldwell, award-winning biologist, has cracked the secret to cloning a full-fledged adult human in just a few months’ time. Her husband sees the value in her research, and takes it upon himself to create a “perfect” version of his wife.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

“The old gods may be great, but they are neither kind nor merciful. They are fickle, unsteady as moonlight on water, or shadows in a storm. If you insist on calling them, take heed: be careful what you ask for, be willing to pay the price. And no matter how desperate or dire, never pray to the gods that answer after dark.”

Dawn by Octavia Butler

This book is one of the most unusual works of literature that I have ever read. There are multiple layers to unpack, while reading. It explores not only what it would be like to be involved in an alien “abduction” so to speak, but also what it means to be human.

Excited About Kanopy?

I have known about Kanopy for awhile, as a video streaming service, and I am actually SO EXCITED that we are now to our patrons it at the library!

Harry Potter at Home

Have you been wishing to escape away into a magical fantasy land lately? I know I have.

Impostors by Scott Westerfeld

Impostors by Scott Westerfeld begins a new series based in the same universe as his most popular work: The Uglies series. Where Uglies begins in a seemingly idyllic setting, Impostors takes place after the wool has been removed from the eyes. There are precarious peace treaties in motion, and a growing rebellion against those in power.

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

Sarah Henning’s debut novel, Sea Witch, is different from most fairy tale inspired young adult novels. It’s a unique telling of an origin story of the Sea Witch from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid.

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Annihilation is truly singular science fiction novel that uses description and perspective to make the reader feel as bewildered and fascinated with the landscape as does its first person narrator.