Play Our Online Trivia Game!

In celebration of Eisenhower Library's 50th year, we've put together a short online trivia quiz about the year the Library was established. Test your knowledge of 1973 kid books, toys, tv shows, fashion trends and more!

Registration for July’s Storytime Is Opening Up Soon!

Register starting June 26th for July's 3-week storytime session. Harwood Heights and Norridge residents may register by calling the Library at 708.867.7828 or by dropping by the Kids World desk. We anticipate spots going quickly, so be sure to mark your calendars!

Celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month which is a celebration of history and cultures across Asia as well as the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia; which means the rich diverse cultures from this region not only encompasses Japan, China, and India, but also the native culture in America's own Hawai'i.

Celebrate Arab American Heritage Month

The Arab world is comprised of 22 countries that span from North Africa to East Asia. The culture in the Arab world is rich and diverse and well worth celebrating. This month long celebration is perfect for families with roots to the Arab world as well as for families to explore a culture and history they might be less familiar with.

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Poetry offers wordplay perfect for readers (and listeners) of all ages. From nursery rhymes to novels in verse, there is something for everyone!

Yesterday’s Battle 5 Closes Out the Battle Competition for the Season

Battle 5 was the highest scoring Battle this season! The competing teams all brought their A-game making Battle 5 a "neck-and-neck" round where every point mattered. The winner of the battle season has taken the title by only 1 point! All five teams did a tremendous job and should be exceptionally proud of their efforts.

Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is designated as Women's History Month and celebrates the wide contributions and achievements of women during the entirety of American history. What started as a week long celebration in 1982 became a month long celebration in 1987. It is the perfect time to explore a bit of history that you may not be familiar with!

Battle 4 Recap

Congratulations to all the teams on a great Battle 4. We are one battle away from discovering the winner of the Battle 2022-2023 Season. Here's how the scores line up currently.

Battle 3 Recap

What a great job all the of teams did during Battle yesterday! Battle 3 was our highest overall scoring Battle so far this seasons. Just take a look at the scores so far!

Storytime Registration Starts February 27th

March's in-person storytime will run from March 7th to March 24th. Registration for residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights will begin on the last Monday of February. We anticipate spots filling up quickly so call the Library at 708.867.7828 or drop in and visit the Kids desk early on the 27th to reserve your family's place!

Battle 2 Recap

Battle 2 was a great success! Congratulations to all the teams for their great efforts. The point field has definitely shifted- with a tie for first place! Let's do a quick overview

A Delicious Literacy Tip

Turn meal or snack time into a literacy activity! Food such as mashed potatoes, pudding, or applesauce make for a great medium to draw letters and shapes in. Another idea is to have a letter themed plate! A "P" lunch or snack might contain foods such as pretzels, pears, pudding, potatoes or peanut butter on pumpernickel bread. Explore the sounds of the letter "R" with raspberries, raisins, radishes, ravioli, rye bread, or even ranch dressing.

Battle 1 Recap

Thanks to everyone for a great Battle 1! Remember for Battle 1, the scores are added to the teams' overall totals. It is the overall total scores that determine the winner of the Battle of the Books season. Let's look at points earned yesterday.

Great Reads for Kids for Black History Month

With its roots as 7 day acknowledgement of the historical contributions of Black Americans in 1926, Black History Month became a month long celebration in 1976 under President Gerald R. Ford.