Along Those Lines by Peter Cashwell

Along Those Lines: The Boundaries That Create Our World is a trip through and across the various lines that create and shape our lives, from the ones on maps to the ones demarking seasons or defining scholarly pursuits.

Though not …

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Nerve by Eva Holland

Full disclosure requires that your book reviewer note that she and Eva Holland are friends – but your book reviewer would have kept a polite silence if her friend’s book were no good. As it happens, and to everyone’s good …

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The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo

A novel as rich as it is brief, The Empress of Salt and Fortune is high fantasy at its very best, pulling readers full-tilt into a new world with its opening line (“Something wants to eat you”), each page making …

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On February 15th, my husband and I drove to Ann Arbor to fulfill a dream of mine: To see Mavis Staples perform live — and at 80 years old, she brought down the house. Within a month, American life would …

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The Blossom and the Firefly by Sherri L. Smith

In this incandescent novel, readers are introduced to characters who at first blush are deeply foreign: Japanese, their lives unspooling in the waning years of World War II, when the Emperor was still Divine and Americans an unfathomable evil.

Hana …

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The New York Times Explorer Series

Travel books are the ultimate easy getaway resource – learn something new, lose yourself in beautiful sites, all from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Of course, some travel books are even more delightful than others! The New York Times …

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Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

The Big Water has come, and two billion people have died, but the Diné (Navajo Nation) have survived. Barely. Chronic drought, the collapse of central authority, and the fallout of the deadly Energy Wars have made life on the reservation …

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I Contain Multitudes

We are not, it turns out, alone.

Human beings (and all other animals, from dogs to squids to mosquitoes) harbor a world of microbes within and on us, ecosystems of symbionts that have partnered with other earthly life from the

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The Summer Before the War

Vivid, vibrant, and charming, The Summer Before the War tells the story of young lives just beginning, old ways winding down, and a small English town cheerfully blind to impending disaster – but ultimately, inevitably, caught up in the Great

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