Do You Have Five Minutes?

Do you have five minutes? Check out these five-minute story collections on Hoopla. These quick stories are a blast to read with your little one. You can read one or read them all!

5 Minute Easter StoriesRead along …

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Elmo’s Potty Time

Trying to potty train while you’re at home? Need to encourage your little one? Elmo’s Potty Time is available on Hoopla!

If your child is a fan of Sesame Street they would surely enjoy this potty time geared episode. …

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All That Trash by Meghan McCarthy

“Wherever this stuff goes, it’s going to be somebody else’s problem.”

1987, the year of trash, specifically New York’s trash. New York’s landfills were at their limit, so Lowell Harrelson, the owner of the National Waste Contractors in Alabama offered …

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My Very Own Space by Pippa Goodhart

“SHUSH! I want to look at my book!”

Sometimes everyone needs a little space to themselves. Little Rabbit Jack just wants to read his book but all those around him keep interrupting him. His solution is to enclose himself in …

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My Old Pal, Oscar by Amy Hest

“Hello, you.” “No tags.” “No name.”

While building a sandcastle on the beach an unlikely visitor joins a young boy. A small puppy, with no collar, hops up on to the boy’s castle and just watches, the pup appears to …

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