Writing in the Margins: Winter 2020/2021

We are in the midst of an experience that is so shockingly unique that it seems impossible to put into perspective. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have been figuring out how to live in what seems like a new …

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Our Defining Moments

We like to think of the institution of the public library as being a great equalizer, one that celebrates and promotes the free and open access of information and ideas to all. We lean on and promote the guiding ethic that public libraries not only welcome, but embrace everyone.

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Writing in the Margins: Spring 2020

Springtime means a fresh start for a lot of people. We might decide to deep clean our homes, prepare our gardens for fresh crops and new flowers, learn a new skill, and maybe tackle projects that have been on our …

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Writing in the Margins: Winter 2019/2020

“Listening is an act of love,” according to Dave Isay, founder of the StoryCorps project. 

When a person speaks, they are conveying information: about themselves, about what’s important to them, about what makes them spark. The way a person tells …

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Writing in the Margins: Fall 2019

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. We encourage everyone who lives in Norridge and Harwood Heights who doesn’t already have an Eisenhower Library card to get one. Sign up is quick and easy and you get so many benefits that …

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Writing in the Margins: Summer 2019

Recently, I was in a reading slump. I’d read a book here or there, but nothing like how I used to consume book after book. For a book lover and especially a librarian, this is a troubling situation.

As much …

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Writing in the Margins: Winter 2018/2019

This September, one of our library founders and original Trustees, Natalie K. Rothbart, passed away.

She was a dedicated library advocate, working with like-minded residents in the late 1960s to establish a library district for the people of Norridge and …

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Writing in the Margins: Summer 2018

This year’s summer reading theme is Reading Takes You Everywhere. I’d like to share with you how reading – and listening – helped me discover my mother’s country.

My mother was born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In 1960, it was …

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Writing in the Margins: Spring 2018

It’s hard to believe that it has been ten years.

It is true though. Ten years ago we opened the doors to this building on a cold Sunday afternoon in January and watched as members of our community lined the …

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Writing in the Margins: Fall 2017

I am not ready to think about cold weather. The one thing that makes it better for me is yarn. I’m a knitter.

I wasn’t always a knitter. I have only been one for 13 years and a good one …

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Writing in the Margins: Summer 2017

Every summer, most libraries participate in a summer reading initiative. This summer, I want to share my own history with reading. It starts with my dad.

My dad was born in 1929 in Nebraska. He joined the Navy when he …

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Writing in the Margins: Spring 2017

Spring brings a renewed sense of purpose. There is gardening to think about. There are home repairs to consider. Maybe it’s also time to start thinking about what we want to do with free time we might have this year.…

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Writing in the Margins: Winter 2016/2017

As anyone who has lived in the Midwest knows, winter is a time of hibernation for residents. Nothing sounds better than cozying up with a blanket, a hot beverage, and enjoying a book or a movie, listening to a new …

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Writing in the Margins: Fall 2016

Things are continuing to change at Eisenhower. We’re creating a new teen space, expanding study rooms, and continuing to offer exceptional programming. In fact, our programming is so successful that programs fill up and people often find themselves on waiting …

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Writing in the Margins: Summer 2016

In the past, I have used this column to highlight new services the Eisenhower Library will be offering you. This time, I am highlighting something we are taking away.

It’s a long-standing tradition in public libraries to charge fines for …

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Writing in the Margins: Winter 2016

My last newsletter column focused on how Eisenhower has the best customer loyalty program around. Over the last few months, we’ve added even more services available specifically to residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights.

We now offer Eisenhower Exclusives, copies …

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Writing in the Margins: Fall 2015

It seems like almost every store has a loyalty program. There are some good ones out there. I am a fan of the Ulta and Sephora loyalty programs. Fannie Schmoe’s Bakery has offered a punch card that rewards customers after …

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Writing in the Margins: Winter & Spring 2015

We are grateful to Congressman Quigley’s office for nominating us for the 2015 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. This is one of the most prestigious awards a library can earn. Platitude or not, I am completely sincere when …

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Writing in the Margins: Fall 2014

One of our goals at the Eisenhower Library is to make your experience using library services as easy as possible, including the process of finding materials. While our current computer system does allow you to find items, it could definitely …

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Up From the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Vampire Cat Crawfield and her vampire husband, Bones, have faced many threats over the years, among them ghouls, ghosts, other vampires, and the U.S. Government. This last threat resurfaces in the latest Night Huntress novel, with a vengeance. Cat and …

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