The New Girl by Cassandra Calin

“I still don’t get why we even moved here. There’s nothing to look forward to, and all I want to do is go home!” Lia and her family are waiting to board a plane for Montreal –leaving behind her friends and family in Romania. Her grief is eclipse by the aching pains of her first period. Moving to a new country is hard enough, but having a first period? No thanks!

The Bard and the Book: How the First Folio Saved the Plays of William Shakespeare from Oblivion by Ann Bausum

“There’s a reason young people study the plays of William Shakespeare instead of those by his contemporaries…Shakespeare’s plays survived; theirs were largely lost. And why did his survive? They survived because someone thought about his plays soon after his death and had A BIG IDEA.” Can you imagine a life without knowing the works of William Shakespeare? No star-crossed Romeo and Juliet? No “double, double toil and trouble” witches from Macbeth?

World Kitchen by Abigail Wheatley

“All the recipes in this book were sent in by families from around the world.” This kids-appropriate cook book is a great way to explore foods from around the world. It has easy step-by-step recipes and a brief introduction on the particular food.

Cultured Donuts: Take a Bite out of Art History by Chloe Tyler

“Each donut in this book emulated the style of a different artist, from da Vinci and Michelangelo all the way to Yokoo and Basquiat. These donuts show how artists are influenced by those who came before and how each pushed the boundaries of the art world into new realms of possibility for future artists.”

Real to Me by Minh Lê

“When you have a great friend, the rest of the world can seem to disappear. Others tried to tell me that she wasn’t real, that she was imaginary. But what do they know?”

Witch Hazel by Molly Idle

“’I remember when I was your age. My furry friend and I would spend all day together in the sunshine, sharing stories.’
‘Tell me one,” said Hilda.
So Hazel told one…”

American Murderer by Gail Jarrow

“This vampire thrived in the warm southern climate. It lurked on the ground outside rural homes, schools, and churches. Invisible to its potential victims, it waited until one of them passed by. Undetected, it hitched a ride, burrowed in through the skin, and tricked the person’s body into allowing it to stay. The intruder hid deep in the host’s gut for years, anchored in place by sharp fang-like mouthparts.”

Beneath by Cori Doerrfeld

“Beneath appearances are experiences. Beneath actions are explanations. Beneath what’s different is what’s the same.”

Leila the Perfect Witch by Flavia Z. Drago

“For each of her talents, Leila had won a trophy, but she was saving a special spot for the most important one of all. Her dream was to win THE MAGNIFICENT WITCHY CAKE-OFF!”

Three Little Vikings by Bethan Woolvin

It looks like something very BIG was here,’ Helga said, suspiciously. ‘Nonsense!’ said the Chieftain. “I know it was just a fox…and I know best.’

Nightcrawling by Leila Mottley

Set in East Oakland, Kiara lives with her brother Marcus. As he begins to set his dreams at becoming a rap artist, Kiara has to figure out how to pay rent – which has more than doubled.

A Spoonful of Frogs by Casey Lyall

Who doesn’t like Frog Soup? It’s easy and healthy to make! We have to start off with all the essentials: water, salt, pepper, carrots, fly extract….oh and of course frogs!

Check Out a Kohl Children’s Museum Pass

I’ve been trying to think of ways to entertain my nieces without melting in the heat. And that’s when I realized that our library has Kohl Children’s Museum Passes to check out if you are a resident of Norridge and Harwood Heights!