Library Policies

Residents of the Eisenhower Public Library District, which includes residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights, will not be charged late fees for overdue items.  When one or more items are overdue, the patron’s library card account may be blocked from further checkouts until the overdue materials are returned or renewed.

Reciprocal library cardholders will be charged overdue fines as per the Library’s fine schedule.

At 42 days overdue, all patrons, including residents of the Eisenhower Public Library District, will be billed for any materials still outstanding on their accounts.

At 60 days overdue, any patron account may be sent to collections.  In the event that a patron is sent to collections, the patron’s account will be assessed a $10.00 collections fee.


Lost or Damaged Materials
Patrons will be billed for lost library materials.  In addition to the cost of the item, patrons will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 per item.

In some circumstances, patrons may purchase a replacement copy of the lost item and pay the non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 per item.  The purchase of an exact replacement is limited to the following criteria: the item must have been published/released within the last twelve months and must be in one of these formats: book, compact disc, DVD, console game or Blu-Ray.  The replacement item must be new and all media items must still be in their original packaging, unopened.

In the event that a patron loses an item on loan from another library, the patron must pay the replacement cost and the processing fee for the material.  A replacement copy may not be purchased.

Refunds for Lost items will only be issued thirty days from the date of payment and if the item is returned in good condition.  All refunds are at the discretion of the Library.


Billing and Credit Agency
The Library uses a credit agency to retrieve overdue materials.  If after billing, the material has not been returned or paid for, the account will be forwarded to the credit agency.  All credit agency fees incurred by the Library will be passed on to the patron.

Weekly Crafts
During the Storytime Session, each week there is a free craft. The crafts can be found in the red basket by the Kids Magazines. The crafts are packaged to be taken home, but glue sticks may be signed out at the Kids Desk if your child would prefer to make the craft in the Library.


Free Coloring Pages
Every day, each child may receive one free coloring page at the library. The week’s selection of coloring page are located by the Kids Magazines. Crayons may be signed out at the Kids Desk to be used at one of the tables in Kids World. The crayons may not be taken into the Picture Book Area.


Wooden puzzles for kids to solve are located in racks in the Picture Book Area. The puzzles are not available for checkout, but are a fun way to spend some time at the Library.


Toy Bins
Kids World has a few toy bins to play with in the Library. They can be found by the Kits in the Picture Book area. The toy bins will rotate each month for new things to play with. Please help us by making sure the pieces are put back into the bins when you are finished.


Big Books and Pop-Up Books
The Big Book collection is located in the Picture Book Area, next to the purple arch. Pop-Up Book Collection is located by the Kids magazines. Both collections cannot be checked out, but are available to have fun with in the library.


Jumpstart Advanced
Jumpstart Advanced Software allows children to work on various pre-literacy and/or literacy skills as well as math and thinking skills on the computer. The Jumpstart Advanced programs are leveled by age: Preschool (ages 2 – 4), Kindergarten (ages 4 – 6), 1st Grade (ages 5 – 7), and 2nd Grade (ages 6 – 8). The Jumpstart CD-ROMs are available to play with on the Kids World computers. You can also checkout the CD-ROMs to play on your home computer.


Storytime Handouts
Storytime Handouts vary a bit depending upon the targeted age group. Recommended books, fingerplays, pre-literacy activities, and games are some of the great things included on handouts. Handouts from last week’s storytime are available on the bulletin board outside the Story Room. Handouts, craft instructions, and felt stories from previous storytime sessions are available to you. They are located in binders by the Kids Magazines. Just ask at the Kids Desk to make a copy of what catches your eye.


Pathfinders are a great way to find materials, like books or websites, you might not spot on your own. Print copies of Kids World pathfinders can be found in a binder by the Kids Magazines.


Traditional kits are books with their accompanying audio CD. In addition, phonics materials like collections of word family books and phonic wheels. There is also a shoe tying book and a kit to work on handwriting. Kits are located in red bags in the Picture Book Area.