Kids World Guidelines

Parental Responsibility Policy

Library staff is responsible for providing the best possible library services for all users. However, we do not provide child care. Staff cannot and will not be responsible for monitoring children or a child’s library material selections. Parents are responsible for their children while the children are in the library.

Children under the age of ten must be attended by a parent or caregiver older than 14 at all times while in the library.

All children under the age of 14 must be picked up by closing time. If no parent arrives within 20 minutes after closing time, we will attempt to contact parents. If no one is available, we will contact the police to provide custody.

Library Telephone Usage

For the safety of children, we will not confirm or deny the whereabouts of a child over the phone.

Library phones may not be used to place or receive personal calls. The only exception to this rule is if a child is calling for an immediate ride home.

Storytime Guidelines

Kids World offers story-based programs for all ages. For a schedule of upcoming Storytimes and guidelines, please visit our Storytime page.

For more information, please review our library policies.