Pen and Ink Writers Group

The Pen and Ink Writers Group gathers on the third Monday of each month to read short stories, poems or essays, all inspired by a a pre-selected word or phrase. The writings are entertaining, spiritually enlightening, and creatively fulfilling for all. Share your stories and build up your own writing skills through practice and presentation. It takes desire, invention, and perseverance to be a writer. Come join us. Hear positive comments from other writers not only about your work, but the work of the other members.

Founder: Maire Crawford. President: Nancy Stewart

Meetings are held at the Eisenhower Public Library, 2nd Floor Conference Room on the 3rd Monday of every month from 7:00 – 8:45 pm.

During the pandemic, The Pen and Ink Writers are meeting on Zoom. Email Nancy Stewart at for more information and an invite to our online video chat.

Themes and Writing Samples

January, 2022: Magical
February, 2022: Creation
March, 2022: Zoom/zoom
April, 2022: Martyr
May, 2022: Rattle
June, 2022: Observe
July, 2022: Vengeance
August, 2022: Gambit
September, 2022: Fail/Failing
October, 2022: Hollow
November, 2022: Paradigm
December, 2022: Personality

January, 2021: Raw
February, 2021: Detail
March, 2021: Safety
April, 2021: Balance
May, 2021: Stage
June, 2021: Bus
July, 2021: View
August, 2021: Firestorm
September, 2021: Colossal
October, 2021: Twist
November, 2021: Simple
December, 2021: Spontaneous

January, 2020: Wonder/Wonderful
February, 2020: Dynamic
March, 2020: Imagine/Imagination
April, 2020: Hoard/Horde
May, 2020: Embarrass/Embarrassment
June, 2020: Ring
July, 2020: Slip
August, 2020: Interest/Interesting
September, 2020: Habit/Habitual
October, 2020: Crossroad(s)
November, 2020: Doubt
December, 2020: Fantasy

January, 2019: Gumption
February, 2019: Mesmerize
March, 2019: Vertigo
April, 2019: Torment
May, 2019: Disaster
June, 2019: Battle
July, 2019: Gypsy
August, 2019: Anger/Angry
September, 2019: Primary
October, 2019: Sunset
November, 2019: Invisible
December, 2019: Blanket

January, 2018: Commercial
February, 2018: What the Cat Saw
March, 2018: Frivolous
April, 2018: Alias
May, 2018: Seascape
June, 2018: Rosebud
July, 2018: Moonbeams
August, 2018: Stake
September, 2018: Hunt
October, 2018: Clutter
November, 2018: Door to the Left/Right
December, 2018: Profile

January, 2017: Bucket List
February, 2017: Murder
March, 2017: Madness
April, 2017: Why?
May, 2017: Curiosity
June, 2017: Crude
July, 2017: Stamp
August, 2017: Boredom
September, 2017: Limp
October, 2017: Tall Tale/Tail
November, 2017: Maturity
December, 2017: Tempo