School Outreach

Teacher Cards and Assistance

Teacher cards, available to local school staff, offer extended, six-week loans for anything in our collection. To apply for a Teacher Card, ask at the Kids World Desk, or call 708-867-7828.

Teachers may also request assistance with finding materials, delivery of materials, library field trips, and school visits. Kids World staff would love to help. Drop in to discuss your requests, give us a call, or use our Teacher Request Form.

Media Literacy and Research Projects

The Research Process and Believability Checklist is a pdf document, which presents not only how to determine keywords from a larger topic, but also provides guidelines for students to evaluate sources for a research project using the concept of a traffic light. “Yellow” represents areas where one should be cautious, or to slow down and look again carefully. If a source scored in the “yellow zone” in multiple areas, the student should think of the light turning red; full stop and are encouraged to look for a different source to use.

The Research Process worksheets, Guide to Building a Search Phrase and Source Information, are intended to assist in the implementation of the concepts in the Research Process and Believability Checklist handouts. These worksheets are in pdf format for easy print out. When using the Source Information Worksheet, it is recommended that the student use one form per source.

Research Process and Believability Checklist | Guide to Building a Search PhraseSource Information Worksheet

Homework Help

Our Young Adult section houses a collection of research materials designed to meet the needs of students in grades 7-12. We also collect multiple copies of books on the reading lists of area schools.

Test Prep

Study guides for college entry exams such as the SAT, GRE, and MCAT as well as GED preparation guides can be found in the Adult Collection along with guides to help you prepare for Police, Firefighter, CPA, Postal Worker and other career exams.

Test Proctoring

We also offer test proctoring for residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights. Ask at the Answers Desk or call 708-867-2299 to schedule a date and time with a librarian.  We ask that anyone wishing to have an exam proctored provide 48 hours notice.