Chef’s Kiss by Jarrett Melendez

Ben Cook who just graduated college with a major in English. He moves in with a few college friends and starts looking for work in his field.

A Career in Books by Kate Gavino

This graphic novel is about three Asian, book-loving women (Shirin, Nina and Silvia) who are excited to work in the publishing industry, but have no idea what that actually entails.

Heartstopper Volume Four by Alice Oseman

“I love Nick. I love Nick so, so much. But what I’ve realized through all of this is that we need other people too. Siblings. Parents. Friends. More friends. A therapist. Even teachers, sometimes. That doesn’t mean our relationship isn’t strong. If anything… I think we’re stronger now.”

Crumbs by Danie Stirling

“That feeling that's half doubt - But half hope, too. And it feels like your heart's a helium balloon that's going to float away? Or just... pop?”

Celebrate Arab American Heritage Month

The Arab world is comprised of 22 countries that span from North Africa to East Asia. The culture in the Arab world is rich and diverse and well worth celebrating. This month long celebration is perfect for families with roots to the Arab world as well as for families to explore a culture and history they might be less familiar with.

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Poetry offers wordplay perfect for readers (and listeners) of all ages. From nursery rhymes to novels in verse, there is something for everyone!

Gallant by V.E. Schwab

“When people see tears, they stop listening to your hands or your words or anything else you have to say. And it doesn't matter if the tears are angry or sad, frightened or frustrated. All they see is a girl crying.”