What We Do in the Shadows

With the premiere of season two of What We Do in the Shadows on FX and Hulu, fans can enjoy the continuing misadventures of Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo as they navigate modern day Staten Island…as vampires.

For anyone who hasn’t …

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The Host

Directed and co-written by Parasite filmmaker Bong Joon Ho, released in 2006, this film follows a three-generation household as they fight for survival from a monster sighted in Seoul, South Korea. A monster that was created accidentally and irresponsibly by …

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Horn from the Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story

In Horn from the Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story, we are shown the life and talent of Chicago’s very own legendary harmonica player and bluesman Paul Butterfield. Born and raised in the Southside’s Hyde Park neighborhood, he was exposed …

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In five episodes, HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries dramatizes the events of the April 1986 nuclear plant explosion in the Soviet Union.

Inspired in part by Svetlana Alexievich’s book Voices from Chernobyl and its personal stories of people who worked at the …

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Maria by Callas

In Maria by Callas, we witness the talent and drama that surrounded the career and life of one of the greatest opera singers of the 20th century: Maria Callas. Born and raised in New York and pushed into music at …

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Love, Gilda

In this wonderful new documentary, we bear witness to the life and many talents of the late great comedienne and actress Gilda Radner.

With access to her notebooks along with old recorded audio that is used as a kind of …

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The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science

“The needs of the patient come first”.

Ken Burns’ latest film, The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science, covers the founding and development of the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota.

In 1883, after a devastating tornado killed thirty-seven

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The Farthest

“We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.”

One of PBS’ latest documentary films, The Farthest is a history of the two Voyager robotic probes launched by NASA in 1977. Their principal joint mission was …

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Star Trek Discovery: Season One

Set a decade before the original series, the new Star Trek show, the first since 2005, explores the legendary Federation-Klingon War. In 15 episodes we follow Michael Burnham as she goes from one of the Federation’s most respected first officers …

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Eighth Grade

Stand-up comedian Bo Burnham steps off the stage and behind the camera with his writing/directing debut, an unsentimental, non-glamorized look at what it means to be a 13-year-old today.

Kayla is an introverted middle schooler desperate to come out of …

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A Quiet Place

I always thought the old saying that “children should be seen and not heard” was mean-spirited and dismissive of kids. But in the thriller A Quiet Place, it couldn’t be more apt.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are parents

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Paddington 2

The first Paddington Bear movie was a true surprise. Despite expectations of mediocrity, Paddington’s story of simple kindness and themes of acceptance won me over. In the sequel, Paddington Bear, now comfortably settled in with the Brown family, has

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Loch Ness

When a human heart is found inside the bones and guts of a hoaxed sea monster carcass on the shore of Scotland’s famous Loch Ness, small-town detective Annie Redford is assigned to investigate. The discovery of a second body quickly …

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Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

In Batman: Gotham by Gaslight it’s Jack the Ripper vs. the world’s greatest detective in a battle of wits and strength. Gotham by Gaslight relies heavily on making sure its audience is questioning the identity of Jack the Ripper until …

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Life. How did it come into being? What does it mean? A group of astronauts from all over Earth working on the International Space Station have made it their mission to find the answer. When a collection of samples from …

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The Western frontier—the source of many of America’s own myths, and the setting of choice for countless storytellers (some better than others). In Godless, a Netflix original released at the end of 2017, creator Scott Frank manages to tell …

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is about Jessica who is haunted by a well-dressed, British man, named Kilgrave who is in love with her.

Kilgrave has persuasive powers that can make anyone do anything for him with a simple command such as, …

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Loving Vincent

If you want to make a premiere picture, you might as well steal from Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane, a film widely considered to be the best of all time. It’s great for its acting, its cinematography, and its technical …

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Brigsby Bear

Living in a post-apocalyptic underground bunker isn’t so bad when you have an infinite number of episodes of your favorite TV show to watch. At least that’s what James thinks.

Then he’s released from captivity and finds out his whole

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My Cousin Rachel

A dead cousin. A strange woman. A country estate to be had. This is the world we enter in Roger Michell’s latest film, My Cousin Rachel, starring Rachel Weisz in the title role, with Sam Claflin as the main …

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The Lost City of Z

Based on the best-selling book by the same title, The Lost City of Z deals with the true story of the adventures of British explorer Percy Fawcett (played by Charlie Hunnam) and his repeated quests to discover a lost city …

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